Management Consulting

Strategic Planning

A sound and clear strategic planning is the cornerstone for success of any organization; it enables an organization to successfully achieve its vision and mission. A well-defined and a clear strategic plan with a built in evaluation framework, not only paves the path for achieving desired organizational goals and objectives, but it also aligns corporate strategic objectives with its core values and vision, as well as those of individual workforce. O2 Pacific Consulting Group can help your organization to develop or evaluate your strategic plan to optimize operational efficiency through sound ethical business solutions. O2 Pacific Consulting Group believes in ‘’one team, one dream’’ philosophy. As a result, you will find that our highly skilled consultants are able to provide objective expert feedback, while working side by side with your management team and sharing your organization’s vision through the same lens.

Business Planning

While a business plan has similarities with a strategic plan, a business plan is more profit oriented and includes a more in-depth analysis of products and/or services being offered, competitive forces, actual and perceived competition, market segmentation, marketing plan, nature of markets, funding, organizational/management structure and the profit matrix. O2 Pacific Consulting Group prides itself with employing MBA graduates, with hands on business experience who can help you develop a business plan, that will be a recipe for success for your company. Healthy cash flow and sustainable profitability is a lifeline for any business. O2 Pacific Consulting Group has built a solid knowledgebase and a database of resources that can be at your disposal, when you work with our Business Consultants.

Leadership Coaching

Any company or an organization is just as good as its leaders who are directing minds and brains of the company. Many small to mid-size or even multinational companies have strong leaders who usually operate at level 4 leadership. It is level 5 leadership that distinguishes the most successful companies from others which may be reasonably successful, but fall short of maximizing their full potential (Collins, 2001). O2 Pacific Consulting Group will be able to work with your leadership team, assess and analyze your leaders’ skill-set and tailor a training plan for your leaders for the future, to enable them to transition into level 5 leadership. O2 Pacific Consulting Group believes in creating visionary leaders and executives for tomorrow in today’s industry. As a result, your company will always be one step ahead of the game and will be able to capitalize on full potential through durable competitive advantage.

Managing Growth

Most companies are more vulnerable in two stages of their lives, first, shortly after they launch and second, during their growth stage. Experience tells us that a large percentage of companies fail within first three years of their birth, with most folding within infancy stage. The ones that survive this period and manage to employ more than 20 staff, also remain extremely vulnerable during their growth stage. While growth in business is a good news, but it also needs meticulous management, when you are trying to scale your enterprise. Poorly planned scaling strategies can prove fatal for your business and can mean waste of your capital and valuable time. O2 Pacific Business Consultants can help you every step of the way, from initially developing a business plan to launching your business, managing growth and scaling your business in a calculated way that maximizes chances of survival for your business.

Change Management

While change for organizations and corporations in today’s competitive market place is inevitable for survival and brings with it many innovative ideas and possibilities, it can also be unsettling and daunting at times. Motivated and enthusiastic workforce translates directly into a thriving enterprise, that is able to adjust its strategies, as per changing dynamics in the market place. With advances in technology and in the wake of ever so increasing customer awareness, organizations can no longer afford to stay content with the status quo. Organizations must interact with their customers in real time to ensure that their products and services continue to satisfy the changing needs of their customers. This adjustment requires continuous monitoring and tweaking of management strategies and sometimes changes to operational and management structures. O2 Pacific Consulting Group can work with your organization and provide ongoing mentoring to your senior executives, so your change management direction and strategies are always in check and tweaked appropriately. Our consultants will work with you to also ensure that your change management decisions incorporate ethical business practices and reflect your organization’s core values.

Succession Planning

All mature organizations and businesses must have a sound succession planning strategy in place for continued success and organizational existence. A basic indisputable fact that has always stood the test of time remains that organizations must not depend on a handful of individuals for their continued existence. There must be a sustainable system in place for facilitation of knowledge and leadership exchange and transfer, so organizations are able to groom either from within or continually invest in finding and training tomorrow’s leaders. O2 Pacific Consulting Group will be able to examine the succession planning strategies of your organization and develop a plan for leadership optimization for transitioning internal leaders into senior executives and for external leadership hiring.

Exit Strategy

It is true that some very successful companies can live for hundreds of years like Coke, 3M, Ford motors, GM etc. However, during the life of a company, original ownership may change hands several times, to cash hard earned equity or in some unfortunate cases, to cut losses, if a company is struggling. The bottom line is that all companies must have a clearly devised exit strategy with sound understanding of pre-cursers resulting in embarking on divesting or exit strategy. O2 Pacific Consulting Group will be happy to work with your senior executives to examine your current exit strategy, evaluate it and devise a new exit strategy if needed.

Which organizations can benefit from Management Consulting?

All organizations including governmental and non-governmental bodies, voluntary, for profit or non-profit organizations, charitable organizations and private businesses, including sole proprietorships to partnerships and corporations, can maximize their full potential through effective management consulting.

Mental Health Consulting

At O2 Pacific Consulting, we have over 150 years of collective experience in dealing with mental health issues for all ages from birth to elderly population within community, at sub-acute, acute, and tertiary levels. Most of our consultants bring first-hand experience of having worked within the mental health field in complex and large health and social care organizations. Our leadership experts with clinical background have substantial experience in mental health administration including system design/re-design, program development and evaluation amongst various organizations serving different client groups. To list a few but not all, our consultants at O2 Pacific Consulting Group have lead and directly managed the following mental health programs;

  • Regional Child & Youth Crisis Programs

  • Regional Adolescent Day Treatment Programs

  • Regional Early Psychosis Intervention Programs

  • Regional Assertive Community Outreach Teams

  • Adult Short Term Assessment & Treatment Teams

  • Adult Care Support Services Teams

  • Group Therapy Services

  • Acute In-Patient Psychiatry Units

  • Mental Health Tertiary Facilities

  • Adolescent Psychiatric Unit

  • Regional Integrated Transition Care Teams

  • Experience of Primary Care Medical Hubs/Homes

At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we are driven by passion for winning our customers by leaving a lasting quality hallmark in their organizations. To achieve this, we attract and recruit the finest consultants who take extreme pride in their work and routinely surpass their own limits, in their continued endeavor to deliver better quality and highest standards of work. We are passionate about working with organizations and communities to reach their full potential. O2 Pacific Consulting Group firmly believes in employing the right people for the right job. We take pride in being selective and only employ consultants who have a minimum of master’s degree in a relevant field. Our consultants have years of clinical and coordination experience, right mind-set and excellent communication skills. To augment and complete our clinical expertise, we have Psychiatrists on our team.

Based on our years of experience of running and managing complex mental health systems and our extremely talented and highly educated team, O2 Pacific Consulting Group can confidently say that we can be your one stop shop, when it comes to seeking mental health consulting.

Types of Mental Health Consulting

Suicide Prevention Programs

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death across the globe. A growing number of attempted and completed suicides, including by young people, is a cause for serious concern for our society. A loss of even one life to suicide is too many, when some effective suicide prevention strategies/programs, can significantly reduce the likelihood of completed suicide. Our consultants and Physicians are extremely passionate about this field and invest time in continued research and developing innovative practices to prevent suicide. O2 Pacific Consultants have years of experience of running very successful regional crisis programs with a primary focus on suicide prevention. We can help you design a new suicide prevention program from scratch with a built in performance matrix and evaluation framework or revise your existing suicide prevention programs and strategies to ensure that they deliver optimized desired outcomes. We can help you develop a community wide collaborative suicide prevention protocol that involves other major community partners such as school districts, RCMP/Police, local community services, child and youth mental health, adult services, home health, hospitals, caregivers and families etc. We can customize a Safety Plan for you, based on your local and organizational needs. O2 Pacific Consulting Group offers to be available as a mentor via Skype meetings or teleconference for three months, at no extra cost after our contractual obligation ends. This is our corporate commitment to our key underlying core values of putting 'People before Profit' and 'Customer Satisfaction'.

Integrated Mental Health Care System

From years of experience in leading and managing mental health systems, our consultants recognize that the systems in most jurisdictions are developed in a piecemeal fashion, in response to governmental priorities and political pressures at times. Consequently, many systems lack full integration, resulting in a lot of duplication of processes, redundancies and broken communication links. There can be isolated strategic planning for various components of the same system with fragmented operational processes, resulting in ‘the right hand not always knowing what the left hand is doing’. To complicate the matters further, mental health systems of care don’t exist in isolation; there are many community partners involved, who have their own policy requirements, restricting the flow of vital and even life-saving information at times.

With commanding expertise in managing various clinical programs and with MBA level caliber in Operations and Strategic management, O2 Pacific Consulting Group is well positioned to work with you to review your systems of care and tweak as required to make them more integrated and cost effective. With enhanced and integrated mental health systems of care, your organization will see a reduced rate of adverse events and reduced waiting times for accessing mental health services.

System Design and Re-design

With experience in a diverse spectrum of mental health services in various capacities, we know what we are talking about when it comes to designing and re-designing mental health systems. If you are planning on launching a new mental health program or you have programs which are under-performing, your investment in O2 Pacific Consulting Group will mean optimizing those programs to achieve desired and measurable outcomes. Why not start with O2 Pacific Consulting Group, to provide a solid foundation and a terrific start to your mental health programs ?

Community/Acute and Acute to Community interface

Most efficient systems of care have one feature in common; a smooth and a sustainable system of access and flow, to enable clients to access, engage with and exit services within community, acute and tertiary care. Given the day to day competing priorities and congestion within various acute and tertiary sites, even the most efficient systems need tweaking to accommodate and manage increased pressures. However, in absence of sound and manageable access and flow strategies, any care systems are destined to experience increased rate of adverse events, waste of human and capital resources, higher number of complaints from dissatisfied clients, families, care-givers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as increased risk of litigation and related costs. With our management experience and clinical expertise, we can be your best allies in examining and re-designing your systems of care to make them more sustainable for your community and acute sites. Investment in O2 Pacific Consulting Group will very quickly be paid off many times over with your reduced length of stay in your acute beds. Our consultants will be able to figure out the heat maps for your region, highlighting areas where major concentration of your clients is and work with your management team to devise appropriate strategies to address pressures in those regions.

Collective Community Impact

At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we appreciate that most organizations today, live and operate in a world where effective business including the provision of seamless health and social care, can’t be conducted in silos. For instance, same clients and families may interact with the hospital, RCMP/Police, education system, housing, welfare system, shelters, ministry teams, voluntary and charitable organizations, Aboriginal and some other contracted out agencies. There is only a finite amount of resources that organizations have at their disposal. At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we carry a deep commitment to deliver collaborative leadership and team building through our ‘one team, one dream approach’. We take it upon ourselves to lead by example by role modelling our strong partnerships with our communities and partner agencies, as well as the stakeholders. When you hire O2 Pacific Consulting Group, you can rest assured that they will work with your management team to identify your key partners and stakeholders and ensure that community collaboration permeates throughout with mutually agreed upon collective community impact.

Social Campaigning

From managing a fundraising campaign for your organization to helping you promote a desired social message, O2 Pacific Consulting Group can help you transform your ideas into concrete strategic plans. Our experience in social campaigns include increasing awareness and decreasing community’s vulnerability for sexual exploitation and youth gang involvement; enhancing awareness and reducing social stigma around mental illness, promoting awareness for men's health issues and advocating for policy changes for youth aging out of care. We can move you and your community partners from shared passion to a shared plan.

Which organizations can benefit from Mental Health Consulting?

Our consultants have substantial experience of successfully working with Police departments, educational institutions, Aboriginal communities and agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, municipalities and the health authorities.

Workplace Wellness

In various organizations within service and manufacturing industries, employees are routinely exposed to competing priorities and tremendous pressures while trying to deliver their best within limited resources. These constant stressors can result in lower productivity and higher cost to organizations in the form of sickness, higher insurance premiums and large WorkSafe fines. This also impacts organizations at various operational levels, in terms of backfilling and training for absent staff and at times managing increased workloads with reduced staffing ratio. When this situation persists, this inevitably has a trickle down impact in the form of lower staff morale, reduced productivity and potentially higher rate of staff burnout. O2 Pacific Consulting Group can help organizations to proactively identify and strategize for these stressors and create a healthy working environment for their employees. This will enable organizations to earn higher respect, well-motivated and gratified workforce, better teamwork, better success at innovation and more cost effective operations.

O2 Pacific Consulting Group can work with you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your operational design, identify pressure points and devise strategies to reduce stress for your staff. In addition, we can work with you to design proactive and sustainable strategies to create a culture and infrastructure in your workplace that helps in promoting the well-being of your employees at no significant extra cost. Our comprehensive impact assessment backed-up by three months of free mentoring, will leave you with effective tools to see the differences in productivity and cost savings yourselves, with pre and post evaluation framework measures.

Which organizations can benefit from Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness is a precursor for outstanding results and a team culture that is connected and supportive. Organizational health should matter to all thriving and ethical businesses. We can support a wide range of businesses from start-ups to established companies. Our consultants can successfully work with various organizations including private corporations, insurance companies, police departments, educational institutions, Aboriginal communities and agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, municipalities and health authorities.

Workplace wellness impacts both organizations and their employees

We help our clients do great things