Why Join Our Team?

Our Unparalleled Commitment to Core Values
Our meticulously executed recruitment processes ensure that we have a team of professionals who share, live and breathe our company’s vision and values in their daily practice. We continue to test limits in achieving excellence while keeping our business practices in check and aligned with our underlying core values.
Ethical Business Practice
If you have always dreamt of working in a company that takes extreme pride in upholding the highest morals and ethical standards, your search stops here. Experience the culture at O2 Pacific Consulting Group, where we live and inspire ethical business practices; where you not only join to earn a living, but you also share pride with your team in what we stand for.
Humble Confidence
At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we have a team of highly quailed and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective areas. However, we have an appetite for learning and continuous improvement. We are always there for our customers and our staff alike, every step of the way, to listen, understand and strategize for the best match with a project at hand.
Great Team
At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we work hard, play hard and celebrate our success in a big way. We don’t hold back when it comes to having fun and pushing limits in exploring adventures.
Autonomy and Personal Growth
When you join us, you will be joining an O2 Pacific family of experts to consult with as needed. You will be provided with creative opportunities for your personal and professional growth. We will match projects with your existing skills while providing mentorship towards new ones. We believe in keeping a fine balance between autonomy and structural support.
Flexible Working Hours
At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we have uncompromising conviction to deliver the best to our customers, in terms of customer care, results and advice. In your regular and contract positions alike, you will enjoy flexible working hours. You will be trusted to manage your own projects while being accountable to your senior executive team for ongoing progress on them.


Currently there are no positions available. Please check back, as we regularly update this page.
Consultant (Contract Position)
Coming soon.
Regional Director, Alberta (Contract Position)
Coming soon.
Regional Director, Vancouver Island (Contract Position)
Coming soon.
Regional Director, Ontario (Contract Position)
Coming soon.

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