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What We Do

At O2 Pacific Consulting Group, we provide consulting in areas of management, mental health and workplace wellness. We have a team of excellent consultants and experts who specialize in their respective areas. We offer consulting services to governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as private corporations in the following areas;

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Growth Management

  • Change Management

  • Exit Strategy

  • Suicide Prevention

  • System Design/Redesign

  • Community/Acute Interface

  • Collective Community Impact

  • Succession Planning

  • Social Campaigning

Who We Are

Ajay Kaushal


Ajay is motivated and driven by his firm underlying belief that our best today has a shelf life and that we must continue to innovate and improve, if we want to remain the best tomorrow and in the future. Inspired by his unstoppable passion about seeing public organizations and businesses flourish in the communities that they serve, Ajay co-founded O2 Pacific Consulting Group. Ajay’s unparalleled conviction that sustainable organizational growth, productivity and scaling can be built on solid pillars of ethical business practices, paves the way for better employer-employee relations and higher job satisfaction. Happy workforce means better public relations, better innovation and higher probability of market leadership.

Ajay has significant clinical and management expertise in the mental health field, having lead and managed large clinical portfolios in Canada and in the United Kingdom. Ajay has developed a number of very successful clinical programs and services from the scratch which have resulted in significant improvement in the provision of mental health services for various communities. Ajay has natural strength in forming sustainable and collaborative community networks and in providing community leadership.

Ajay has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Growing Enterprise and orientation in Health Care Administration. Ajay has accredited graduate level Social Work qualifications from the Canadian Association of Social Workers and a Bachelor’s Degree in Laws, LLB (Hons) from the United Kingdom. Ajay dreams of a world where hope trumps suicide. He believes that in a better connected and more integrated system of care, preventable causes of adverse events, including the loss of life to suicide can be significantly reduced.

Ajay’s business acumen underpinned by his experiences of managing complex clinical operations in large organizations, is an asset in leading businesses through profitability, ethical business practices and more efficient operations and sustainable growth.

Asli Kucukbumin


Asli champions change management in both her personal and professional lives as evidenced by her diverse experiences amongst various jurisdictions. She has worked in health, education and social services fields for many years in different capacities. Asli’s experiences include overseeing successful projects and programs, providing clinical and operational supervision, collaboratively developing clinical programs, conducting research and fundraising. Asli’s public speaking experiences include providing community education, teaching at a local university and occasionally offering lectures in suicide prevention and trauma overseas. Prior to her leadership experiences, Asli worked in several frontline positions in both counselling and outreach capacities.

Asli is very adaptable, thanks to her diverse life and work experiences including her travel to twenty six different countries. Asli also enjoys learning from people and believes that everyone has something to teach and to contribute. She is passionate about helping others in reaching their full potentials. She is dedicated to connecting with people’s strengths and intrinsic motivation to empower them to make meaningful contributions.

Asli has a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia, a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology and another Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She has also completed extensive training in trauma.

Dr. Agbahovbe


Dr. Agbahovbe is a consultant psychiatrist in general adult, child & adolescent psychiatry. He completed his general adult residency training in Dublin, Ireland attaining membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. Dr. Agbahovbe went on to complete subspecialty training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry attaining the Certificate of Subspecialty Training awarded by the College of Psychiatry of Ireland.

Dr. Agbahovbe practices in various services in Fraserhealth providing inpatient and outpatient care including the Adolescent Day Treatment Program, Early Psychosis Intervention Program, START program (managing children/teens in crisis with suicidal ideation). Dr. Agbahovbe also consults in Child & Youth Mental Health Services in Mission and Abbotsford as well as the Developmental Disorders Mental Health Service in the Fraser East region.

Dr. Agbahovbe is also a Clinical Tutor, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia. His interests are in affective disorders in children and youth, concurrent disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and early onset psychotic disorders in youth.

Dr. Arojojoye


Dr. Arojojoye practices the medical discipline of psychiatry in Abbotsford BC. He focuses on the assessment and treatment of adult patients in the community. He obtained his MD from the college of medicine, university of Lagos Nigeria West Africa. He specialized in psychiatry in the UK and Canada. He has practiced various disciplines of medicine in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. He spent 4 years working in Moose jaw Saskatchewan prior to relocating his practice to Abbotsford BC in 2004. He worked for many years in an in patient setting at the Abbotsford Regional hospital and the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver between 2004 and 2012. Currently he provides community out patient psychiatric treatment, independent medical examinations and tele-health psychiatric treatment. He has a wealth of experience working with mental health teams in the UK and Canada. He is a licentiate of the medical council of Canada, a member of the royal college of psychiatrist of the UK and a fellow of the royal college of physicians of Canada.

Fred Chou


Fred is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Doctoral Candidate in Counselling Psychology at University of British Columbia. He is passionate about fostering collaborative practices within organizational systems and promoting individual and collective well-being. As a clinical consultant Fred has extensive experience working with youth-led programs and suicide prevention initiatives, as well as issues related to psychological trauma. He has taught courses and facilitated workshops on healthy communication and conflict resolution. As a research consultant, Fred specializes in qualitative research, collaborative evaluative approaches, and Action Research. He has developed a research method (Participatory Critical Incident Technique) aimed at evaluating and improving systems through a collaborative lens.

Much like his own clinical approach, Fred believes in the value of relationships and the importance of genuineness and open communication as key ingredients to healthy relationships in organizations. He is an ardent believer in supporting value-based models and relational ethics as core organizing principles for helping organizations.

Karen Copeland

Parent and Family Engagement Expert

Karen is a champion of parent and family engagement in the development, design and ongoing review of service delivery within multiple systems of care. She passionately believes in the power of storytelling, and how this can be leveraged to increase understanding, improve relationships and enhance services between children, youth, their families and providers.

Karen holds a Diploma in Rehabilitation Services from Lethbridge Community College, with an emphasis on developmental disabilities across the lifespan. She worked for the Alberta Government in Adult and Children’s Disabilities services before moving to British Columbia in 2000. Karen spent three years as a Parent in Residence for the FORCE Society for Kids Mental Health (now Familysmart Institute of Families) before branching out to create her online presence Champions for Community Mental Wellness. Through Champions, Karen respectfully challenges common assumptions about parents of children who experience difficulties, and creates unique resources designed to bridge and strengthen communication between caregivers and professionals.

Karen’s greatest expertise and passion for change is borne from being a parent of a child who lives with mental health and other challenges. She has extensive experience of navigating through multiple systems while seeking support and services for her family. She has successfully collaborated with professionals within each system of care to create events and resources that are relevant, inclusive and model respectful partnership. Karen has been invited to various events in Canada and in the United States to speak on the topic of importance of curiosity and creating trusting strengths-based relationships between families and providers. Karen has been recognized and published in the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and British Columbia School Counsellors’ magazines, as well as featured in a number of online articles. Most recently, Karen authored a chapter for the book “What Teachers Need to Know: Topics of Inclusion” edited by Matthew Etherington.

Tracy Dey

Wellness Expert

Tracy is passionate about promoting self-care and wellness. After a car accident, Tracy started experiencing tremendous chronic pain, which started her journey in learning about, practicing and teaching back and shoulder anatomy, neurological and neuromuscular functions, body alignment, ergonomics, weight training, flexibility, pilates, nutrition and yoga. She is a BCRPA Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Tracy is well qualified and over the years, in her pursuit of delivering excellence, she has acquired the following certifications in her area of expertise:

  • BCRPA Aqua Fit Instructor
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Techniques in Fitness Assessment
  • Body Weight Training
  • Facial Exercising for TMJ and aging

Tracy’s several years of relevant experience and training in wellness further enriches the expertise within the O2 Pacific Consulting Group particularly, in the area of workplace wellness.