Who We Are

Janit Doyle


Janit has been working in the human service field for close to 30 years focusing on work with individuals, groups and communities. Over the last 10 years, Janit has worked primarily in the field of mental health and substance use in the Aboriginal communities. She feels privileged to be working, living and playing on the unceded territory of the Stó:lō peoples. Janit is a registered social worker and holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work and teaches sessionally for the social work faculty at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Janit is passionate about anti-oppressive practices and values equity, humility, flexibility, and living congruently with her own values. Her strengths lie in authenticity, critical thinking, and collaborating with others. Influenced by educator Paulo Freire, Janit is mindful that her communication style doesn't inhibit other’s creative thinking while exchanging ideas. Janit ensures that her interactions with others do not inadvertently contribute to oppression or have connotations of colonization.

In both roles of leadership and collaboration, Janit strives to spend more time listening and poses questions designed to stimulate critical discourse, rather than being someone who has the ‘answers’ or absolute ‘truths’. She believes this creates synergy where the expertise of many is more than the sum of each person’s skills and knowledge; it co- creates new shared knowledge that everyone benefits from.

Lisa Frede


Lisa has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Within her experiences of public and private sector, Lisa has successfully collaborated with a wide range of clienteles and professionals including universities, school districts, and health authorities. In her role as a Clinician at a Child and Youth Mental Health office, Lisa took a lead role as an Intake Coordinator and was engaged in research and quality assurance. Lisa also worked in public relations positions, and alongside a team of wellness professionals who serve the diverse needs of their community.

In both her personal and professional lives, Lisa believes in promoting self-care. She is passionate about creating a sustainable routine that provides plenty of space for work-life balance. She values curiosity, collaboration, life-long learning, and authenticity, and endeavors to emanate these principles in the relationships she establishes with her clients. Her clinical expertise includes sexual abuse, eating disorders, substance misuse, relationship difficulties and grief and loss.

David Hatfield


David is passionate about individual and collective system change. He is an experienced transformative experiential coach and has worked on several such initiatives since 1997, across Canada and internationally. David’s areas of interest include leadership development, conflict and diversity, power distribution and management, communication, male gender identity, creativity, team building and life stage transition. David has worked with youth and adults in various diversified settings including private corporations, health care organizations, educational institutions, First Nations communities, non-profits organizations, prisons, social innovation and community groups. Internationally, David has worked in Australia, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and the USA.

David draws inspiration from transformative education theory, social ecology, eco-psychology, values-based leadership, complexity and chaos theory, process-oriented psychology, systems thinking, improvisation, ceremonial workplace rituals and work culture. He values innovation, applied imagination and anything that helps in mobilizing individuals, groups and organizational systems towards sustainable goals and outcomes.

David holds a Master’s Degree in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies from the Process Work Institute, and a Master’s of Education in Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney where he was also awarded the Dean’s Medal from the School of Education. David also holds an Associate Degree in Music from Vancouver Community College. With his educational background and well diversified experience nationally and internationally, David makes an excellent O2 Pacific Consultant who has a lot to offer to organizations he consults with.

Naz Havaei

Research Consultant

Naz is passionate about improving the quality and safety of patient care. She is proficient at conceptualizing and interpreting complex data sets in a systematic and rigorous manner. She is an experienced research methodologist and has taught research methodology courses at undergraduate and masters level at University of British Columbia (UBC).

Naz has a PhD from UBC School of Nursing, with sub-specialization in measurement, evaluation, and research methodology from the School of Educational Psychology. She has been an author of several peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Naz oversaw two research studies funded by Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Collaborative Alliances of Nursing Outcomes as the Primary Investigator. She also has been a Co-Investigator in numerous other research projects at provincial, national, and international levels. Naz has been invited to present her research findings at various events and conferences. She is trained and experienced at program evaluation that includes testing, selecting and/or developing clinically reliable and valid tools and scales. Naz has also published a paper on program evaluation (Havaei & MacPhee, 2015).

Naz is a great addition to O2 Pacific Consulting Group and brings expertise in areas of Proposal Development, Survey Design and Analysis, Psychometric Testing, Data Engineering and Knowledge Translation and Transfer.

Ellahae Keshmiri


Ellahae is a registered counsellor with years of experience of providing counselling to children, youth and families experiencing mental health crisis. Her areas of expertise include suicide prevention, intervention, risk assessment, and crisis stabilization. Ellahae is experienced in dealing with clients and families who are impacted by psychosis.

Ellahae holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from University of Victoria. Driven by her passion to learn Ellahae has received several internationally accredited, evidence based trainings. She is very enthusiastic about keeping abreast with the latest evidence based treatment modalities and consistently invests time in both training and research opportunities. Ellahae’s research experience includes literature reviews on Mental Health Literacy, suicide prevention programming and effects of drugs and alcohol on families.

Dr. Mark Lee


Dr. Lee is currently the CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp. He brings thirty-three years of business leadership experience in a variety of organizations from the service sector, medical technology, mining, manufacturing, and academia, as a President/CEO, COO, CFO, Consultant, and Professor. In these various roles, Dr. Lee has completed eight successful turnarounds in various companies and organizations. In addition, Dr. Lee has led and managed organizations varying in size from 300 employees to over 2,500 employees, with revenues ranging from $14 million to over $300 million. Dr. Lee also has extensive experience in growing company revenues, while ensuring lean operating structures. Dr. Lee has an MBA in finance, and a PhD in strategic human resource management.

Tabitha McLaughlin


Tabitha is passionate in supporting organizational managers, leaders and teams towards reciprocal inspiration and innovative practice design. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work with enhanced focus on organizational health.

Tabitha brings years of experience in front line service delivery, fundraising, community education, and program management. In her former role as an Executive Director, Tabitha gained experience in policy and strategy development in areas of child welfare continuum, health care initiatives and prevention focused programs. Tabitha’s recent experience includes working with the Division of Family Practice Leads and Physicians in moving the Primary Care initiatives. Through the use of project data and tools, Tabitha was involved in working with the Physicians group in developing and executing strategies that promoted integrated and comprehensive models of Primary Care in the community with required evaluation frameworks.

Tabitha’s experiences have motivated her to facilitate resilience and growth in organizations and to provide leaders with tools that inspire a shared vision for sustainable and innovative business practices.

Chipo McNichols


Chipo is a Registered Counsellor and holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. Chipo has substantial experience working as a mental health clinician with children, youth and families in various organisations within the Lower Mainland. She is passionate about working with organizations and systems offering services to individuals and families impacted by increasingly complex trauma and mental health concerns.

Chipo is trained in a variety of treatment models and she is a competent consultant who can incorporate different integrated treatment models while supporting system design or re-design. Chipo has several years of experience working with immigrants, refugees and aboriginal populations including providing services to Aboriginal clients and their families who are survivors of residential schools.

In a leadership role, Chipo has been working on Complex Care Initiative (CCI) in providing CCI training to coaches within the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) offices. Her other leadership experience include providing supervision and consultation in areas of quality assurance and community development to Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health office.

Bev McMillan


Bev’s years of relevant experience and education as well as her innate ability to connect with others and understand thier perpectives, makes her an exceptional consultant. She is a registered counsellor who earned her Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology from University of Victoria. Bev has fourteen years experience in community, residential, health and government settings dealing with conflict resolution, mental health, crisis management and program development.

Bev is very enthusiastic about quality assurance and is dedicated to collaborative problem solving. She believes that leadership, staff and stakeholders including customers are the experts and that the consultant's role is to listen, conceptualize and recommend relevant perspectives and strategies. Bev is flexible, patient and authentic in her approach. She is a diplomatic professional who is able to present her objective recommendations in a respectful manner.

Bev makes an excellent mental health consultant based on her passion and signifincant experience in housing, outreach, mental health, program development, advocacy and her sound understanding of working in complex systems.

Brian Muth

Marketing Director

Brian has 20 years experience working in the areas of mental health, health and wellness promotion, and child and family services. A majority of this has been with Aboriginal and First Nation community members, Aboriginal agencies and First Nation community governments. Brian has taken key roles in leading change and establishing various health and wellness initiatives. He has extensive experience in community building and is trained in public engagement through the International Association of Public Participation. Brian has the natural ability to engage, build relationships, support, facilitate, and sustain collaborative relationships to address complex systems needs.

Brian has a unique ability to engage at various levels through authentic and honest dialogue. He believes when there is a deep sense of trust in family, community, and workplace relationships, true positive change can occur. Brian champions collaborative change management that is sustainable and underpins underlying organizational core values.

Brian completed his undergraduate degree in counselling at the University of the Nations campuses in both Hawaii and New Zealand with additional field work at various locations in the Philippines. As the Marketing Director of O2 Pacific Consulting Group, Brian looks forward to meeting with you and exploring different opportunities that can support your community, organization, or business in ways that can provide sustainable positive change.